Looking forward!

Often times I have my client with Aphasia tell me about all that they can't do. And while I acknowledge that it is a problem, I quickly point out that they just did XYZ skill in therapy (e.g. Listen, Understand, Speak, Put sounds together etc)

I am increasingly finding that it is SO very important as a clinician to help my client first take stock of ALL that they CAN do. And what they are LEARNING to do.

Regardless of whether it has been a year past their stroke or 10 years past their stroke.

Why is that so important?

One, of course, is for clinical reasons and to document progress and effectiveness of therapy.

But also because sometimes in a long and hard path to recovery, human nature tends to get the better of the best of us and we forget to SEE what all we can do.

It helps to have a plan to move AHEAD and build a program that takes you FORWARD.

Recognizing that CHANGE is happening leads one to a path of HOPE.

The path of RebuildingReconnecting and Recovering.

Research has shown us that PRACTICE does make things better. Neural Pathways can be strengthened. Our Brain can learn specific skills for listening better, thinking better,and doing specific things better. There is a growing body of evidence that shows that our brain's ability to CHANGE can strengthen Aphasia Recovery. Read more

So if you have Aphasia, THINK positive. Look FORWARD to how you can achieve what you want.

If you are a caregiver, help your loved one RECOGNIZE the changes that are already happening and help them move FORWARD.

A POSITIVE outlook matters. Our brains need it.  Our lives need it.

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