Telepractice Testimonials

From the spouse of an individual with a neurodegenerative communicative disorder:

Pushpa is a very talented speech therapist. I am very fortunate that she was there for my husband who was suffering from a neurological problem and was unable to speak. She was very patient in dealing with him during the sessions she had with both of us. Very punctual and also meticulous in her feedback via emails, it was a pleasure to work with her. She made sure that  I also understood what she was trying to get my husband to do- what her expectations were - so that as his primary carer,  I could help him in his practice sessions.

Pushpa was a wonderful counsellor too and very empathetic to my situation. She not only  lent a willing ear , at any time of the day or night to hear me out, but suggested various methods to best deal with the situation we were in. She soon became a part of our family  and I for one, feel very blessed to have known her . We wish her all the very best in her endeavours.

- Padma R. (Spouse and Primary Caregiver to her husband V.R)

From an individual who needed help with chronic stuttering:

I've been dealing with stuttering issues since my early childhood and been to a number of speech therapists both in India, and the US. It is easy to see why Pushpa is a cut above the rest in terms of providing effective speech therapy.

The difference is this. Most of the speech therapists I have encountered try to remedy the problem using the run-of-the-mill fluency management strategies like slow speed, easy onset and light contact. These require the stutterer to be even more conscious of his speech and exercise a great amount of control on speech thought and speech production -- an approach that can, at times, even be counterproductive. 

Pushpa approaches stuttering from a deeper, neurobiological perspective. Through a series of online conversations, she ensures that she has a strong grasp of the genesis of the client's problem, explains the speech production process in simple, easy-to-understand language, and makes sure you understand your own problem well before you solve it. 

She then trains you in various exercises that address both the physiological and psychological issues in a
harmonic manner. Her assignments of writing and reflecting have helped me see improvements in my speech within a matter of weeks. One of the most critical factors for me, like any stutterer, is Pushpa's personality -- affable, personable, charming, and laced with a gentle sense of humor -- that puts me at ease. 

Pushpa optimizes the power of online therapy to the fullest and I'd recommend it to anyone with stuttering who believes in the powers of gradual, holistic and long-lasting solutions.

-S.V. (34 years old, Academic Researcher, Singapore)

From parents of children who needed help with articulation therapy:

Pushpa has a really wonderful approach to working with children. She is kind, smart, and very, very good at what she does.

We are eclectic homeschoolers, leaning strongly in the unschooling direction, and try very hard not to push things on our daughter.We noticed that she has a few speech issues, and we waited to see if things would resolve on their own. As she got older and some of the issues remained, we wanted to help her sort them out. She's a very independent person, and likes to do things flawlessly, so it was a bit tricky to determine the best approach. Going to a traditional speech therapist felt daunting, but it was clear that she needed some help being heard, and we were unsure what to do.

About that time, we learned about Pushpa, and contacted her. She was willing to work with us via online video chat/conferencing, and we were thrilled. This was such a great experience! We were able to meet with Pushpa in our own home, which was comfortable and non-threatening.

Pushpa was able to meet our daughter on a level that was just right for her. She took cues from our daughter and pushed her hard enough to help, but not so hard that it was unpleasant. She has a very good instinct for working with people.

We are quite pleased with the progress our daughter made with Pushpa in such a short time. She feels more confident now, and we have the information and skills to continue working on fine tuning her speech as she feels ready.

- M.M. (Mother of a 10 year old girl)

As a person who appreciates holistic approaches and therapies, I am extremely satisfied with our experience with Pushpa. She really understands how important it is for the learner to be motivated to change, and  how important it is to find out what motivates the learner.  As a homeschooling mother of 5 children, I also deeply appreciate her flexibility and understanding with scheduling.  Her natural easy going nature plus obvious knowledge and patience are a winning combination. I highly recommend her!

- Gretchen Mueller (Mother of a 10 year old boy)

From the spouse of a person with aphasia:

I am writing this letter of recommendation for my wife who had a stroke in 2008.  Pushpa Ramachandran has been an invaluable asset in helping her recover.  When my wife, Mary, had the stroke she was speechless and lost in a fog, not understanding what was said to her or about her.  She thought she was speaking and understanding just fine  but knew something was wrong.  Everyone who has a stroke has different issues to overcome, and Mary was broadly classified as a "Person with Aphasia".  Mary was always an active conversationalist and organizer and was professionally trained as an elementary education teacher.  She received many awards during her teaching career.  She was the one who taught children to read and

She meets with others "online" who also  have been stroke survivors, and with her speech therapist, Pushpa, on the other side of the world.

Pushpa has been most helpful in helping Mary overcome her deficits in reading, writing and speech, and especially in her fears about recovery.  A very personalized treatment plan has been developed over the years to address Mary's desires and interests regarding recovery.  A solid belief in neuroplasticity with a empathetic treatment modality has been key to her recovery.

- Richard Smith

Work History Testimonials:

Pushpa was an integral part of developing a unified tracheostomy weaning protocol at the Good Samaritan Hospital which involved coordination with numerous doctors, therapy staff and nursing staff. This is what her supervisor had to say about her contribution:

The Trach protocol is a success. It is up and running and being used regularly in the hospital. The trach protocol was entered into an HCA innovators contest. It won 1st prize in the western division and 2nd place in the entire company. I wish you could have seen it in action before you left, since it was pretty much your baby. You should be proud that you worked hard to get it going at Good Samaritan Hospital.

Thomas DeFranco, Supervisor, Rehabilitation Services, Good Samaritan Hospital, San Jose, California